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To arrange a private showing  of 360 Abbey Road, Lake Tahoe
You  are invited to contact :

(01) 775.771.4454

For over 20 years, Elaine Casteleyn and her associates have served the Lake Tahoe Basin with knowledge, professionalism and discretion.

Most of their business comes from personal referrals, from those people who recognize that expert marketing techniques, negotiating skills and a thorough understanding of market trends ensure a competitive edge.

“We also understand the value of relationships.  Our highly personalized approach ensures that the experience of buying and selling meets your goals. We look forward to welcoming you to Lake Tahoe … it’s good to be here”.

Contact information:
Exclusively Lake Tahoe
Post Office Box 1943
Lake, Tahoe, Nevada, 89448

Phone:  (01) 775.771.4454
Facsimile:  (01) 603.415.8745